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PCB Design

We design PCB boards to comply with even the most minimum client need, from size and form of the board to the components we utilize. We emphasize on designing boards, utilizing both superficial and through hole components, HDI Designs with micro vias and advanced materials.


Product Design

We can give an entire solution, from the PCB design and assembly to a final product including enclosure with specific dimensions and features, labels and silkscreen of distinct colors and sizes and packaging. All according to the client needs and budget.


Prototyping & Proof of Concept

Sometimes is needed to verify an idea, test if it's is technically possible, for that purpose Wisely provides a fast prototyping option which is cheaper than a final product but leaves some features behind. All adaptable to the time and budget available from the client.


QA Services

The quality assurance service is directed as much for software and hardware products, it implies any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements.


Mass Production

Whether you need five or a thousand units we can take care of the entire project, from the development of the idea to the final product and mass production. Or if you already have a design and want to reproduce it, you only need to send the production files.

Diagnostic and Repair

Many times, a product may stop functioning due to different reasons, here in Wisely we have a team of electrical and electronics engineers who can find why your product is failing.

Proof of concepts


Product Design

Our lab is equipped with professional tools to test and QA our projects, which allow us to deliver fast and reliable results.

We adapt to the needs of your project. Being a single unit for testing, several for prototypes or large scale orders for a final product.



GUIs – wireframes, mockups, design, UX/UI.

We develop professional looking, highly customized and responsive graphical interfaces. We offer a design process which starts with a wireframe of the application (an skeleton of how the elements will be placed on the screen), mockups (usually done in code as to see the design of the application). In all this process, we put special emphasis on the user experience (UX) and UI (user interface).


Web & Mobile Apps

Using a mobile first approach, we offer web applications that look and feel great on different devices. We develop application considering the user interface (frontend) and the system and server (Backend), based on your needs. We also develop native applications for Android / IOS systems or cross platform options.

scripting, bash, configuration

Scripting is creating a small set of programs in order to automatize a task, or several, in a simple interface (a command interface). For example, for reading a communication port and put the data on a file with an specific format, sent an alert email, configure your operating system as to always make some process on startup etc. We program on Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac and some other specific operating systems.


Kernel & linux development

We develop custom implementations of different devices under linux systems, as adaptation of existing modules to make it run under different distributions. We also offer the option of integrating them on your system or using an installation script to add it in your kernel building process should you require it.


Cloud & virtualization

We have developed different cloud systems under amazon web services (AWS) using EC2 instances or our own custom cloud implementation based on private virtual servers (VPS). Some of our clients prefer to user their own server or require one in a dedicated environment. We offer the maintenance, administration and configuration of this devices as a service should you require it. If you want to host your application, have your private cloud or need a help setting your own environment.


Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things, or IOT, we deal with an extensive array of communications protocols used on commercial and industrial settings. As such, we know of the need of connecting different devices and the need to make them “talk” between them. In the same issue, we also make centralized applications for integrating all your IOT solutions or sending them to the cloud for your use, for example, your web application.


Web Design


From scripting and low level systems to complete native and web applications.

Using test driven development, Agile, code version control and documentation at all levels, we develop top quality code and systems.

If you need a web application using the latest libraries, automate the boring parts of your work, virtualize and create a cloud system or need a modificacion of your existing program, contact us!

We are a company dedicated to hardware and software development. With the objective of delivering cost effective, innovative and smart solutions.

The team


Matias Varas

CEO - Founder


Hernan Olave

CTO Hardware, co-founder


Felipe Molina

CTO Software, co-founder


Axel Mendez

Hardware developer


Felipe Martinez

Firmware developer


Paulina Vera

Innovation engineer

Antonio Varas 1635


+562 2886 0058

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